Doberman vs German shepherd, Which is Best for You?

doberman vs german shepherd

Do you have an idea of the Doberman pinscher and the German shepherd but aren’t sure which would best suit your lifestyle in this Rango Planet article we explain the similarities and differences between these two breeds so, you can know which might be better for you to adopt.

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To better understand the differences between these two breeds it helps to know where they came from.

 The German shepherd is a breed that originated in the 19th century as a working dog, at first they were used to herd sheep hence the name, however, their intelligence and versatility have made them ideal for military, security, and many other assistance rules.

The Doberman is another of the best-known dogs of German origin, their origin also dates back to the 19thcentury but they weren’t used as herding dogs instead they were used for guardianship a role they still maintain today.

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Physical characteristics

german shepherd dog

Regarding their physical appearance, German shepherds are large-sized animals with a weight that can exceed 88 pounds and a height at the withers that exceeds 23 inches. They are more strongly built than Dobermans and their bodies are a little extended.

We can find them with both long and short-haired coats of colors including black cream and sable their coat is also noted for being double layered the undercoat is soft and fluffy the outer coat is dense hard and close to the body.

The Doberman is also large in size very similar to the German shepherd it is somewhat less heavy with specimens ranging from 66 to 88 pounds and are somewhat taller with a height at the withers which reaches almost 28 inches.

In general, their body is more athletic and muscular their appearance is finer than that of the German shepherd which tends to be more robust, their coat is short and dense with no undercoat for this reason they do not withstand the cold temperatures as well as the German shepherd and in terms of color.

The Doberman is best known for having a mainly black coat but can also be dark brown, chestnut, or blue. We should take into account the fact that this dog is included on some country’s lists of potentially dangerous dogs. In these cases, you will need to meet certain requirements to adopt them.


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Regarding their character the two breeds are intelligent, faithful, and protective with their family, both can live with the smallest of children as long as they have been well socialized and educated.

They do well with training and make great guardians due to their intelligence and abilities it’s essential they are offered a good education, socialization, and sufficient physical and psychological stimulation.


blue doberman pinscher

The care these two dogs require differs a little, the German shepherd will need more frequent brushing especially if they are the long-haired type. In general, they also require much more physical exercise than the Doberman it will not be enough to have a couple of walks per day, but we will have to offer them the possibility of running jumping, and playing, or taking long walks.

 Finally, one thing which affects them both is the need for proper mental stimulation to avoid stress and boredom.

Unlike the German shepherd the Doberman will only need to be brushed occasionally since their short coat is easier to maintain, they will also need a lot of physical exercises although perhaps not as much as the German shepherd. Finally, we again stress that both these breeds need mental stimulation to avoid behavioral problems.

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when talking about their health, it’s true that both these dogs can suffer from problems derived from their large size including gastric torsion and joint problems.

They do differ in terms of the diseases to which they are prone. For example, hip dysplasia is very common in the German shepherd, due to indiscriminate breeding they also suffer from ocular and gastrointestinal disorders among others.

These genetic inheritances are also related to behavioral problems in some dogs such as nervousness, excessive fear, shyness, or aggressiveness, if they have not been properly educated or socialized, their life expectancy is between 12 and 13 years.

Doberman pinschers are more linked to pathologies affecting the heart as with German shepherds an excessively nervous character can also be detected.

Finally, their life expectancy is very similar to that of the German shepherd at around 12 years.

tell us, which of the two breeds do you think would best suit your way of life?