10 Dog Body Language Signs mean Your Dog is Happy

10 Dog Body Language Signs mean Your Dog is Happy

We all want maximum happiness for our dogs, but how can we know if they’re happy? how can we know the dog body language? while many of us simply think a wagging tail means happiness in dogs, our canine companions have many different ways of conveying their emotions one of the most important being body language, this is why Rango Planet provides the 10 dog body language sounds which show your dog is happy.

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1-Invitation to Play

Invitation to Play

Rarely can one be assured the dog is happy as when we see them play, the inviting pose is when the dog raises the back of their body while lowering the front and gazing at another dog or their guardian.

 They make small quick movements until the other starts to play too, launching themselves to run or to chase a ball, and that is the first dog body language.

2- They Lean on You

They Lean on You

Has your dog ever lent on you? this is a clear indication that they love you and like to be by your side, in other words, your dog is happy to be with you, and that is the second dog body language.

3- Rolling on Grass

Rolling on Grass

Another posture of almost absolute happiness is when the dog lies on its back on grass or sand and begins to roll in ecstasy, this helps to cool off in hot weather and attracts the attention of their tutor.

4- Your dog Lies on Their Side

Your dog Lies on Their Side

This is a classic dog body language sign that shows the dog is comfortable and happy. Also, did you know that the postures your dog takes when sleeping can reveal a lot about their mood?

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5- Excitement to Go Out for a Walk

10 Dog Body Language Signs mean Your Dog is Happy 1

If you live with a dog, you will know that they cannot contain their excitement when they realize they are about to go on a walk, there is no doubt they are happy and are practically anxious to get outdoors.

6- Lying Face Up

 Lying Face Up

When a dog sleeps in this position it means they are very comfortable with their surroundings. Therefore, they rest nonchalantly exposing their most vulnerable parts, without a doubt, they only show this position when their state of well-being and tranquility is excellent

7- Your Dog smiles

Dog smiles

Many dog lovers may never have met a dog that smiles, those that have can recognize this expression when they see their eyes are wide open and round their ears are erect not tilted forward or backward and their mouth is slightly open without showing teeth, this facial expression is usually accompanied by a nervous movement of the tail and a relaxed body posture.

8- They Lie Down with You

dog Lie Down with you

Another posture of a happy dog is when they lie down next to their guardian usually in a prune position with their head on their front legs observing what is happening around them.

They can also lie down and lick the hands or face of their guardian as a sign of affection and happiness.

9- Stops in The Middle of Play

Stops in The Middle of Play

When your dog is running around with some other dog and chasing each other at one point they may stop and stare at nothing panting with a mixture of excitement exhaustion and joy, this behavior is a sign they’re going through one of the most enjoyable experiences in a canine’s life.

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10- Hiding During Play

dog Hiding

Another sign seen during play activities is a dog running away to hide or take refuge for a moment.

They are not hiding out of fear or boredom, they are waiting for their play partner to come by so they can run out and launch themselves back into play with even more gusto, the two dogs may take turns, but you also see them do it with us, and that is the last dog body language, tell us what is the dog body language did you like most?