Are you trying to find cute exotic dog breeds but can’t choose which breed to get? There are many exotic or rare breeds; however, if you’re trying to find a cute dog, it might be best to not get a puppy. All puppies are cute but some can get older to be not so cute.

expect that, if you bring a puppy, you’ll need to train it at home. therefore the next neatest thing would be to urge a dog that’s a few years old, neutered, or spayed with all the required shots, and house-trained. to assist you to create a choice, we’ve collected descriptions of eight of the cutest exotic dog breeds.

Lagotto Romagnolo

lagotto romagnolo rescue

The Logotto Romagnolo, usually mentioned as Logotto, is one among the oldest and rarest breeds with only 500 registered within the US. they need been traced back as far as ancient Rome and bred primarily as a truffle-searching dog in order that they like to swim.

The Logotto has thick, dense, and curly waterproof hair that’s hypoallergenic (minimal shedding) and may be white, gray, golden, or dark brown. they’re a little to a medium-sized dog that has sharp senses and is intelligent, loving, and loyal. they have a cheerful demeanor but aren’t recommended for apartment living as they need tons of exercise, and that is the first cutest exotic dog breeds.

The Coton de Tulear

coton de tulear rescue

The Coton is one of the cutest and rarest purebreds that got its beginning on the island of Madagascar about three centuries ago and for sundry years were owned only by royalty family. They were named Coton thanks to their cottony white thin coat and Toliara, thankfulness to where the breed originated. Coton’s are considered lap dogs as they like to snuggle.

they’re easy to coach, obedient, and entertaining with cute puppy-like personalities that are slow to urge angry and like to play. Cotons don’t bark much except to warn you of tourists. They get along well with babies, other pets, and even cats, and that is the second cutest exotic dog breeds.


puli dog rescue

The Puli bring from Hungary over 1,000 years ago and primarily used for sheep herding. This rare breed has been likened to a bouncing spring and is understood for its unique outer coat that resembles dreadlocks, made from cord-like hair that grows after puppyhood. they will be in colors of black, gray and white with a medium, solid frame.

Both their outer and undercoat need tons of maintenance or it are often curtailing. The Puli are affectionate, smart, and quick learners, also as alert, making them wonderful watchdogs and family guardians. they need a robust temperament and can need vigorous exercise as they need tons of energy to burn.

Portuguese Water Dog

portuguese water dog size

The Portuguese Water Dog (PWD) features a long history of working for the fishermen in Portugal helping get fish together into nets, delivering messages between fishing boats, and diving for equipment from the water. they create anyone with allergies an excellent companion with their hypoallergenic coats that are silky but do got to be brushed often.

This medium sized breed that’s a former White House resident may be a joy to be around as they’re affectionate, loyal, lively, amusing, and straightforward to coach. they’re friendly toward other dogs and strangers also as being playful with a love of youngsters. The PWD thrives on swimming, giving pleasure, and searching after the family.

Bearded Collie

bearded collie pup

The Bearded Collie is additionally referred to as Beardie and one among the oldest Britain breeds being popular in Scotland used mostly for herding. The Beardie is medium sized and may be a spread of colours between white to black with an extended shaggy coat that needs brushing a day and a clipping every other month.

they’re often mentioned as having the “Beardie Bounce” thanks to their high-spirited, cheerful and carefree disposition that goes well with children and other pets. The Beardie’s friendly nature makes them want to be around people in order that they don’t make them the simplest watchdog as they’re going to want to play with anyone that comes around. they’re obedient and trainable during a sort of dog sports.

Berger Des Pyrenees

berger des pyrénées

This cute dog came from the old mountains of France and was a bold herder of goats. The Berger is best referred to as Pyres and is terrier-like in personality with intelligence that needs an owner who will keep them challenged mentally by doing tons of coaching and exercise.

They’re smaller to medium with different lengths of hair in various colors with some white on the face, which is straightforward to take care of with weekly brushing so mats don’t develop. The Pyres is extremely lively, bright, inquisitive, also as alert and assertive making an honest watchdog.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

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The Dandie Dinmont,

also referred to as Dandie, may be a natural born hunter originating within the 1700s from the britain and Scotland border area. they’re independent, vigilant, and sensitive yet a touch stubborn so could also be difficult to coach without being consistent and firm.

They’re affectionate, happy, bold, and brave making great companions that get alongside other dogs, children over ten, and cats if raised with them but may harm small pets like hamsters thanks to being bred for hunting vermin. Dandies got to be walked on a day to day and brushed regularly as they are doing not shed. they will observe watchdogs but may still bark so proper training may be a must with them.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow dog

The Chow Chow came from old northern China and their name means food. They were originally bred to be hunters and today are documented for his or her blue-black tongue and adorable fuzzy lion-look thanks to the pronounced ruff around their neck.

Chows are medium to large sized and are various colors but mostly a fawn color with a dense coat which will need professional care. they will be aloof, dignified, independent and proud with high intelligence. they create loyal companions and good guard dogs, especially for an experienced adult dog owner who knows how to show them who the boss is early on and who will give their Chow regular exercise, and that is the last EXOTIC DOG BREEDS.