10 Strange Cat Behaviors Finally Explained

10 Strange Cat Behaviors Finally Explained

It’s no secret that cats are cold we tend triodes — that’s the reason why we love them such a lot. in this article we will explain 10 Strange Cat Behaviors. The sole criticism we actually have is that they’re forever up to some strange, inexplicable hijacks that still baffle the USA. Yes, despite the very fact that we tend to share identical surround as our beloved very little pets, they continue to be somewhat of a mystery.

But if you think that your cat’s crazy behavior is completely random, re-examine. There are literally some rational explanations behind the crazy stuff they are doing on a daily basis.

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1- Chattering

You have most likely detected your cat emit a quick and intense teeth chattering- particularly once they spot a bird whereas gazing out of a window. Behaviorists speculate that this can be as a result of your cat is annoyed that they can’t get outside to hunt prey. They additionally could also be excited and slightly aggravated.

Others say that this strange jaw movement could also be your kitty’s natural instinct that permits their muscles to arrange for the act of killing prey. Either way, this behavior is totally traditional for your feline.

2- Rubbing

When your kitty rubs his head on you, he’s doing quite simply showing you fondness and locution how-do-you-do. Pheromones are literally being free from his head and it’s his manner of showing possession over you. Even as a cat would rub on furnishings to depart his scent to mark his territory- he’s showing pride in this you’re his.

3- Bring You “Gifts”

Albeit this habit could also be perceived as a gross one- your kitty is acknowledging you as a member of his cluster, and is sharing his looking success with you. He may be thanking you for taking care of him or maybe you pay additional attention to him once he liberally brings you rodents, birds, or insects.

If this can be a behavior you’d wish to curb of your out of doors cat, attempt golf shot a bell on his collar so it’s tougher to hunt.

4- Ingestion Non-Food things

Does your cat relish abduction on non-edible things like wools, cloth, uneatable plants, plastic, or metal? This might be a symbol of a rare condition in cats referred to as pica. Typically the explanation for this can be unknown; but, some projected reasons embrace mineral deficiencies, anemia, ad enosis, genetics, boredom, and stress.

If your cat is showing symptoms of pica, it’s time to possess a full examination by a physician so as to rule out any underlying issues.

Treatment might embrace dietary changes, putting bitter ants, like “Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray” on the chewed objects, providing multiple tiny meals throughout the day instead of one or 2 massive meals, providing stimulation through games, social interaction, and different chews and its one of Cat Behavior.

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5- Feline Kneading

When your cat presses his paws into you, and massages back and forth- this could be a rather pleasant feline behavior. Your kitty’s instinct to try to these traces back to their earliest days of nursing. Once your cat will this as AN adult he’s either content, or showing that he’s happy, or he’s making an attempt to alleviate stress and therefore the habit is one to calm him down. Either way, take it as a compliment that you simply inform him of his mommy!

6- If I Fits, I Sits

Thus why do they prefer to bend in boxes, rest room sinks, tiny baskets, etc.?

Small areas create your cat to feel safe and secure. If they came in the wild, they might not need to be unprotected in AN open space as a result of this could create them additionally vulnerable to predators. Felines even have a natural instinct to ambush. By concealment in tiny small areas, they’re ready to watch and observe their surroundings from a distance, and it’s really one of Cat Behaviors.

7- Cat Eyes

One minute your cat’s eyes square measure pasted on you, ensuing he ostensibly desires nothing to try to to with you. Thus what gives?

When your cat is staring you down he’s most likely simply making an attempt to induce your attention. If the stare is intense, this “staring contest” might mean that he’s on high alert concerning somebody or a state of affairs. It’s suggested to not scrutinize your cat directly within the eyes. Like any animal, cats see this can be AN act of aggression in preparation for a fight, and it’s one of Cat Behaviors.

8- Clay Fail

Urinating or defecating outside the litter box, referred to as inappropriate elimination, is that the commonest behavioral grievance of cat house owners. Can facilitate ease the frustration and reconstruct the bond between cat lovers and their feline friends.

9- Two am Zombies & Cat Calls

Don’t you simply love once you’re asleep and you’re jolted awake by the sound of your cat barreling down the hallway? Or flossy is yowling away whereas you’re making an attempt to induce a decent night’s sleep? Most house cats have a massive quantity of energy that’s shut up throughout the day and wishes to be free. This combined with their nocturnal instincts to hunt throughout the night might bring mayhem to your sleep and that’s the 9 Cat Behavior.

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10- Ear-Citations

If you notice that your kitty’s ears square measure validation back and forth- it’s time to slowly keep a copy. This can be a way that they specific anxiety or agitation.